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  • Problems with WiFi

    Suddenly my laptop connected to my home WiFi stopped displaying websites. The thing is I can still ping both external IPs and urls. I tried system restore in case some update affected my NIC, deleted temporary internet files, reset my AP to factory and reconfigured, enabled WiFi on my router and tested with that to no avail, updated the driver from manufacturer's web site, scanned the laptop with Malwarebytes, disabled the firewall and run in safe mode with networking. Finally I run Wireshark on the laptop and I can see DNS traffic resolving IP but then the server sends RST,ACK for whatever reason. At the same time all works fine via wire. Any ideas?

    Un update.
    Just noticed that when trying to browse stuff is happening in the status bar of the browser. Some transfer befor it gets to Waiting for page....
    Some pages although this is very rare actually manage to load some small bits before the connection expires.
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    Re: Problems with WiFi

    May be worthwhile changing your external dns servers to something other than what they are now. (ISP's, Google, OpenDns etc...) Also flush the dns cache from the client as well.
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      Re: Problems with WiFi

      malware check.
      make sure your local computer isn't proxying for itself...
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