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  • Wireless Help

    Hi All,

    I currently have a situation I hope someone may know the answer for.

    I am currently administering a domain that has 6000 laptops that connect wirelessly and only wirelessly at various sites, no wired ports available apart from the location the laptops are built and domained in.

    The laptops connect wirelessly via ms-chapv2 using computer pre-authentication to cisco access points that talk back to a number of cisco wireless controllers that authenticate using AD via 2 cisco ACS appliances.

    The Wireless settings are pushed out to the computer using group policy, these settings were initially pushed out during the build of the laptops and taken to the various sites with wireless only connectivity.

    The issues I am having is with the wireless settings in the laptops that for some reason on a random basis keep vanishing from said laptop, this then results in the laptop(s) needing to be brought back to the build location to be plugged in wired so gpo can push the settings back to the laptop.

    This is happening to about 8%-10% of the total laptops on a weekly basis and is causing me a real headache.

    Any Help or insight greatly appreciated.

    sorry i forgot to add they are windows 7 ent in a 2008r2 domain (when you have been looking at an issue for so long you kinda forget the obvious things when telling a 3rd party)

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    Re: Wireless Help

    What settings are your pushing to the wireless clients?
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