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multiple internet connections with load balancer

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  • multiple internet connections with load balancer

    hi all;

    i have problem, for some reasons in our office we have 3 dsl connections and 3 wireless usb broadband internet connections......i want to bond all these internet connection into one entity for our lan users, how could i achive this .......with load balancer device..........and is it possible to bond different landline and wireless internet connections into one device........have these devices a internet filtering facility to look users internet activities and bandwidth usage.

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    Re: multiple internet connections with load balancer

    Depending on your router you could probably use ppp multilink to bond all the circuits together. I have never done this with wireless connections though but since ppp is protcol independent it may work. I have bonded ADSL and frame relay circuits together using ppp multilink. This assumes that all connections terminate on the same device which is probably unlikely. Are the DSL connections all from the same provider? What speeds are the individual circuits? You may find a provider that will give you the speeds your after with the bandwidth you need. Then you can keep one of the dsl connections as a backup.
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