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Static route - 2 external IPs and subnets

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  • Static route - 2 external IPs and subnets

    Hi all,

    Im trying to work out how to add a exception for smtp on 2 different routers which are on 2 different subnets, by adding a static route on 1 router for the other and pointing to the same destination on router/subnet 1.

    Router 1 is a draytek 2820 router 2 a netgear

    So router #1 is working fine port 25, router #2 is connected to router 1 using WLAN2 port on router 1 botth these routers have a dedicated ADSL line with a static IP. If I try and add a static route to router 1 on router 2 thats fine - but as soon as I try and port forward port 25 and point it to router 1 I get illegal IP - which it is as its on the different subnet.

    Below is a pic for clarity - any suggestions please?

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    Re: Static route - 2 external IPs and subnets

    I don't think you can do that.

    Your best bet may be to assign the static IP address of router 1 to the releavnt MX records or service configuration you are using so that your email is delieverd to the desired IP address in the first place.
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