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client PC issues after Intermittent drop out

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  • client PC issues after Intermittent drop out

    • SQL, Exchange and various other servers running 2008 R2 at site A on subnet A.
    • Client PC's at remote site B. Site B also has a 2008 R2 DC, which also controls DNS and DHCP for that site, on subnet B.
    • Sites connected over fast fibre (80meg down, 20meg up), using Cisco PIX Firewall 506e VPN.

    Now, occasionally we have an issue with the internet connection at site A, where it will randomly appear to drop out. This drop may last a second, or 30, or anything else quite random and happens at random times. Might not happen in a day, then might happen 30 times the following day. During this time, no one at site A can connect to internet and no one at site B can connect to site A. Once the connection resumes, all seems to go back to normal.... except on random Client PC's at site B.

    What happens to them is this;
    They may loose connection to say a SQL server at site A. They are unable to Ping, where it states it cannot contact that server. nslookup looks correct, as does tracert, but its almost like ping and the rest of the PC cannot resolve the name any longer. The only way to get that machine to talk to that server again, is to ipconfig /release /renew.

    By the way, its not always the SQL server. It can also be the Exchange server, or both, or one of the domain controllers at site A, or all servers... or... well its quite random it seems as to which servers will work after the blip and which client PC's will be affected. Clients are running XP and 7, makes no difference which.

    Can anyone help me diagnose and resolve this client PC issue?

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    Re: client PC issues after Intermittent drop out

    Okay so your fast fiber link is also your internet connection for site A? This circuit also terminates a vpn from Site B on the pix 506? If this is the case then its pretty logical that if your internet circuit goes down then the vpn is going to have issues. OR is this a point to point connection to Site B and your just running a vpn over it? AND you have a separate internet circuit for Site A?
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