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  • Vdsl\adsl


    I have goofed big time. I bought a replacement router and got one that is designed for VDSL connections rather than ADSL.

    I can't return it because I've opened the packaging which expressly stated that the buyer should check the router is compatible etc., before removing it from the packaging.

    However, the router, a Vigor 2750Vn, has wireless capabilities and I was wondering if I could use it within our LAN to offer wireless connections.

    I've never setup wireless within a LAN before, and I know there's plenty of documentation out there to help but I don't know if the VDSL technology will affect our ability to connect wirelessly within the LAN. I assume not, but I did not even know about VDSL until I discovered the router would not connect to our ADSL line...

    A dumb question, but I hope someone can help clarify this for me.

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    Re: Vdsl\adsl

    short answer.. yes, you should be able to use the Vigor to connect to your normal network, using a WAN port rather than the VDSL port. (If it's like any other draytek, it's usually got the ADSL/VDSL port, AND a standard WAN Ethernet port)

    then setup your wifi. use dhcp on the draytek, and you have network segmentation..
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      Re: Vdsl\adsl

      Thanks a lot.
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        Re: Vdsl\adsl

        Isn't it against the law not to offer a refund??

        You may be hit with a percentage restock fee but it could be worth it.

        Where did you buy it from??


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          Re: Vdsl\adsl

          Yeah, you're almost certainly correct. However, I've set it up now and despite the initial embrassment I've had to endure, everyone is quite excited about being able to use it.

          I've set it up in the loft space where our servers are located. This is directly above our Meeting Room/Library where work experience, visitors and temporary staff work. For those who use laptops with wireless (the majority), it means that I don't need to worry about trailing cables across the floor and the associated health & safety risk.

          It also means that staff that are within range can also use their mobile devices without incurring a tariff charge.

          To be honest, wireless is something that I have been thinking about implementing for some time now. I never expected it to happen this way though!

          Thanks for your suggestion I appreciate it.
          A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy