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on-device bandwidth reporting ?

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  • on-device bandwidth reporting ?

    ok - something that's been asked of me recently is to be able to generate reports on which subnet/vlan/device/whatever is using WAN traffic.
    This needs to be historical, rather than live.

    the first thing I thought of was MRTG - this can very quickly and easily be setup on a device that exists within the network and can monitor almost router we choose to implement, provided it supports snmp and is enabled. So that's a great start.

    But then I started to think a little further into the future. The long term aim for this organisation is likely to be moving as much as possible into cloud solutions. So pushing snmp traffic over the wan port itself, is not a great idea.

    So that leads me to the question that I think I know the answer to.
    Is there a firewall-type device that can do on-host monitoring and reporting - something that's simple and easy for an end-user to be able to go "www.bandwidth.hog" in their browser?

    or is an on-premise MRTG the best solution ?
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    Re: on-device bandwidth reporting ?

    Cisco routers have "flexible netflow" in which you can get a brief description of say the "10 top talkers" without using an external collector. Its not very robust but it will tell you the hogs on that segment. Here is a what the output looks like:

    Raleigh-Strickland#sh ip flow top-talkers

    SrcIf SrcIPaddress DstIf DstIPaddress Pr SrcP DstP Bytes
    Fa0/1.1 Mu1* 06 C002 D090 444K
    Mu1 Fa0/1.1 06 D090 C002 128K
    Mu1 Local 01 0000 0303 101K
    Fa0/1.1 Mu1* 11 E391 0202 53K
    Fa0/1.1 Mu1* 11 0043 0043 41K
    Fa0/1.1 Mu1* 11 0043 0043 41K
    Mu1 Fa0/1.1 11 0043 0043 24K
    Mu1 Fa0/1.1 06 D0A5 C002 11K
    Mu1 Fa0/1.1 01 0000 0303 7700
    Mu1 Fa0/1.1 11 A12E CC95 7240
    10 of 10 top talkers shown. 210 flows processed.

    The SrcP and DstP protocol is in hex just an fyi

    I would always recommend an external collector though. PRTG is free I think for up to 10 sensors.
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      Re: on-device bandwidth reporting ?

      What about a proxy like TMG?
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        Re: on-device bandwidth reporting ?

        I guessss mrtg or prtg it will be. Had hopped to gdt away with out a host...
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