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  • Wireless Issues

    I have some strange issues with my wireless networks which are now looking like they are more than a co-incidence.

    I installed a Linksys wireless router & flashed the OS with Tomato (

    This was for our internet cafe environment for anyone to use and allows no access to the business network. I had no issues setting it up & getting it working. Then after a month people had issues connecting to it & we had to reboot it each day. I set a nightly reboot schedule up on the router software at 12:00 to do this for me. We still had issues with connections & we had to physically turn it off & back on again every day. In the end I bought a timer plug & plugged the router into this so the timer physically turned off the power each day for 15 mins & then turned it back on.

    This looks to have done the trick.

    However I then installed a business wireless network with x3 Cisco Access points, again I had no issues setting them up. Each AP is on its own wireless channel with the same SSID & password so it looks like we only have x1 wireless network. I did go down the route of using them as repeaters but the signal was too weak. A week after they were installed I started noticing the same thing, The access points have to be physically rebooted or they say "limited network connectivity" or just donít allow connections

    I have the APíS on the following channels:

    Up stairs
    Internet cafe - Chanel 11
    AP01 - Chanel 1

    Down Stairs
    AP02 - Chanel 3
    AP03 - Chanel 6

    The access points are mounted in the roof above the ceiling tiles, I have them tie wrapped to the steel cable management which also has other electrical cables running past, Could this be the reason that they are having issues? The access point for the internet cafť is on the floor in a room near some more electrical cables. Does anyone know if this would interfere?

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    Re: Wireless Issues

    Could be some interference with the structure. I would remove the one AP on channel 3. Channels 1,6, and 11 have no overlap so use those. I assume the AP's are plugged into a switch? If so is it a managed switch that you can look at the logs? Its possible that there is an issue on the switch on not the AP's.
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