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BT Infinity and Enablement

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  • BT Infinity and Enablement

    If you visit the BT site at below showing details of BT Infinity fast broadband, then scroll down to where you can enter your phone number to check if it is available in your area.

    If for some reason no map displays then look at an example map below

    What does enablement mean? Presumably it means those unable to pay considerably more for super fast connections which few would need for simple use, then they might get a little faster connection at no extra cost. But once fiber optic cable are installed for the few for such as Infinity, what technical reason can there be for the long delays for enablement to be installed, since one would have thought all BT needs to do is connect the signals to the ordinary phone lines. In the case of my area the lines are in such a very poor state some being of alloy, that BT have installed numerous little boxes with antennas to pick up the signals to transfer to phone lines.

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    Re: BT Infinity and Enablement

    I would think enablement means when that local area (site) will be ready for that service. Not sure about the delay in service as I am not familiar with their infrastructure.
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      Re: BT Infinity and Enablement

      I doubt Enablement has anything to do with the availability of Infinity. As promised below to a local paper Infinity type fast broadband duly arrived here in Hastings about last Sping. But there is no mention on the present chart at as to when a general improvement in speeds for the rest of us is likely to happen if that is the definition of enablement.

      Published on Wednesday 22 February 2012 08:00

      HIGH-SPEED broadband should soon be a reality for residents of Hastings and St Leonards, with BT confirming it was still on schedule for Spring.
      The service is to be rolled out to 61,000 homes here and in Eastbourne.
      The connection uses state-of-the-art fibreoptic cables and local computer users will potentially be able to enjoy download speeds of up to 100 megabits a second, which is 50 times faster than the speeds recorded in some areas of St Leonards.
      The exact date of the upgrade has not yet been confirmed, however a spokesperson for BT confirmed Hastings was on the Spring list.
      At the fastest speeds it will take two seconds to download a song, 30 seconds for an album and 10 minutes for a full length high definition film.
      Last week East Sussex County Council (ESCC) agreed to provide 15million from its own budget to ensure that rural and hard to reach areas, which may otherwise be left out, are brought up to speed.
      This will be added to the proposed 10.6million grant from the government.
      ESCC leader Councillor Peter Jones said: “Making this technology available throughout East Sussex would make a huge difference to our residents and small businesses.
      “Together with our partners, we recognise that access to digital services is absolutely essential to the development of the economy of East Sussex.”


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        Re: BT Infinity and Enablement

        Normally BT enable exchanges (more bandwidth to internet for example) then make the service available to their users. Note you will need to change to BT as an ISP to get Infinity.

        Why not ask them directly?
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          Re: BT Infinity and Enablement

          Too late I renewed my contract with Orange recently for another year. Besides I hear other servers probably including Orange are offering the same service such as to those downloading massive Videos and Music albums. But I thought the whole purpose of financial help to BT was as happens in other areas for the rest of us to all receive at least a small increase in speed. This is especially as BT admit there is a limit or 100 lines per box for the super fast connections.