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Help with Cisco wap4410n

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  • Help with Cisco wap4410n


    I am trying to achieve the following...

    I am living in a apartment which has three room, in one room there is wireless Motorola device from the ISP for the internet and one guy is using it, i am living in the second room i need one ethernet cable (Internet) for one of my networking device Which can't be connect through wireless.

    I have a Cisco wap4410n wireless AP and i am hoping that i can configure this in Client mode (or whatever is suitable) so that it can receive all the data etc from the Motorola device, in this AP i have one ethernet port which i want to use for my networking device.

    I already tried configure the Cisco AP in client mode but it doesn't work.

    Anybody has any idea how to i can achieve this? Thx.
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    Re: Help with Cisco wap4410n

    Check to see if both devices support bridge mode and just bridge them together. Or another option is if the motorola device has an ethernet port is to run a line over to your room.
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      Re: Help with Cisco wap4410n


      Thank you for the reply.

      The issue has been resolved, due to the authentication problem i was not able to bridge them, just played around a bit with the security options and it worked.