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Cookies Legislation

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  • Cookies Legislation

    I know a programming expert who is happy to allow 10,000 cookies to collect on his PC claiming many are useful. I thought the only ones of any value to us are those that help up quickly log into a site to avoid entering the username and password. All the rest are dumped on us purely for the benefit of someone snooping on us such as to see which sites we visit. Also I was told someone had problems with his PC because he never deleted all cookies such as by using Internet Explorer Tools. These are the reasons why new legislation is to come into force as at

    What is the real answer? I have just upgraded software of mine to detect which cookies we need to keep, and quickly delete the rest. I have largely managed to overcome the crafty way, these cookies are now given random filenames, which are then often changed, I plan to release this as Freeware as I have already done over the years with some 35 other Freeware on my site hosted by various distributors.