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    I no longer own an old Blackberry I bought on EBay. The reason being that apart from always paying for the use of Broadband PLUS the cost of calls, I understand like all such so called ‘smart phones’, I needed to recharge the battery every few days. Whereas the battery in a cheap simple mobile I bought years ago lasts for several months if seldom used. However I discovered a brilliant way of overcoming this crazy problem ------ I removed the battery until needed !!

    Apparently it is because unlike this PC the wretched smart phones can never be completely switched off, as they are constantly checking if there are any new messages or calls coming in. What a crazy idea, when servers for PCs are happy to store hundreds of messages for us until needed. I also understand the sever can actually switch a smart phone on again anytime, so I cannot help wondering if they or anyone can also listen in using the microphone or maybe even activate the web cam many have installed.

    Any comments from the experts and smart phone addicts?

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    Re: Smart Phones

    I have (unfortunately) a smartphone, Samsung Galaxy II S. 3 batteries plus charger on eBay, $15. Charger can charge battery AND phone at the same time plus the charger has pretty colours. I can change the battery in under 30 seconds. However it takes 2 to 3 minutes to shut down and reboot to make the change.

    To make you battery last longer, dim the screen, turn off everything you don't use until you need it. Bluetooth, wireless, GPS. Don't have any software on it that requires "phone home" access.

    Oh how I wish I still had my Nokia 8250. Left it sitting on the shelf for 5 months. My daughter picked it up and started playing some silly game on it for a couple of hours. It was close to 5˝ years old and still had the original battery. Stupid bloody wife left it overseas. Wish she had stayed overseas and sent the phone back instead.
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      Re: Smart Phones

      To be honest I rarely have any need for even a mobile let alone one to access email and the internet. I seldom go out anywhere for long at my age, and get enough pain in my eyes even using this lovely big 19 in monitor without risking squinting at a tiny smart phone.


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        Re: Smart Phones

        I use my Galaxy S2 quite a lot, basically because I've a mobile job I sometimes have no other option then using my Galaxy. Although I hate that thing (crashes quite often) I usually love it.

        However, the short battery life is sometimes really killing me and often I swap back to my good old Nokia. However in my line of work they basically expect you have a smartphone.
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          Re: Smart Phones

          I only have a Smartphone (HTC HD Mini) because work gave it to me. Having my email/calendar/contacts on the go is essential as I spend a lot of time on the road.

          I carry a the USB cable and car and mains chargers at all times, as even with the bluetooth/wifi/gps off a busy day in terms of phone calls will kill the battery.

          GPS is (IME) by far the worst offender though, I occasionally use Google Maps if I'm going somewhere new and it just eats the battery.
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