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  • Sonicwall nsa 2400

    I have just purchased a sonicwall nsa 2400 and i have setup the X0 port to lan and X1 port to public ip and X2 port to, the is on my already present network what i want to do is enable port X2 to use the dhcp server (dell poweredge) that i already have on my network how do i do this???

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    Re: Sonicwall nsa 2400

    You'll need to setup an IP Helper policy on the device.

    See if this helps:

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      Re: Sonicwall nsa 2400

      Right i would imagine that the NSA 2400 uses the same interfaces as the NSA240 and as such you should be able to do the following.

      1. Login to your NSA box.
      2. Click on Network then interfaces.
      3. Click on the pencil icon on the right hand side to configure the interface.
      4. Set your X2 interface to WAN (This is the only zone that you can set DHCP on.)
      5. Set your X2 interface to DHCP.

      Which network is your DHCP server on and how is your network segmented??

      Your LAN IP is set to which is not the same as the IP range you want to set on the interface.

      Maybe you would be better with a drawing of your network layout so we can assist you further.