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Switching between IPs in a pool?

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  • Switching between IPs in a pool?

    I have a client, who gets repeatedly blocked from Google. This is due to the nature of their business, and the fact that they are making consistent, regular, automated searches via google (checking ranks, keywords, etc)

    They have an office of >20 people doing this.. so google block them.

    They have asked me if they can get additional IP addresses.
    Yes, their ISP can provide them.
    Yes, the router can handle the additional addresses.
    However - it doesn't, on the surface, look like it will allow me to load balance over them.

    So what I need... is some way to automatically flick between the addresses (and they can only have a block of 4, so 2 useable, without a demonstrated need to the ISP, which I don't think we'd be able to pull off.)

    So my thought was... maybe I could route those to a specific server, running a TProxy... and have it switch IP addresses every X number of requests

    would that be doable? Can you think of any other ways to acheive this aim
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    Re: Switching between IPs in a pool?

    So your idea is on the right track. If you have multiple public IPs, say 4, you can create static NATs to map back to 4 proxies. Then either load balance your http/https traffic across your proxies or create 4 DNS records each pointing to each proxy, configure your users' browsers to use proxies.

    Your outbound traffic should load balance across 4 public IPs. Whether this will prevent the blocks is another discussion.
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