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  • Branch office slow link

    Hi all

    I have a branch office that uses a low grade home router vpn link to connect to our main office this causes very slow response time when users are connecting to mapped drives.

    Im thinking of going the rodc route further down the road when we go to server 2008 to improve log on times, but a rodc to my understanding does not have anything to do with the mapped drives as its not a full copy of the main office DC.

    For now id like to speed up the access times to the mapped drives for the branch office users, Im musing over having them stored locally on a pc hooked onto their network and then somehow have the changes mirrored to the main office.

    Anyone got an idea?

    Thanks for reading

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    Re: Branch office slow link

    If you have Windows7 / Server 2008R2 deployed, look into BranchCache
    If previous versions, look at DFS or (worst case) offline files
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      Re: Branch office slow link

      Why would you use a home grade router for a branch office? Better off getting a decent firewall with vpn capabilities. ASA 5505's would do the job. Licensing would depend on how many end users at the remote location and they are not that expensive.
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        Re: Branch office slow link

        I'd also throw a good qualityt Draytek in there as a suitable branch office router.

        a Vigor 2920 or something like that.
        I've got a c30-seat client and I run their entire office through a Draytek 2820n.
        my previous job in london, we had them deployed for assloads of our clients.. they are rock solid.
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          Re: Branch office slow link

          Ill Look into the better router option. Ill also run a test on the office broadband to see if it in itself is an issue beforehand. No we are not up to the 2k8 yet.

          I thought offline files was for when the server went down then the file would still be available to edit & woulld then sync up when the server came onlne again, Im not sure how to set this up to improve speeds when loading & saving also the branch office is not part our domain & I think for offline files domain membership is a requirement.

          Branchcache will be further down the road nice to know it exists.

          Ive had a look around for DFS ditributed file system, I see that it consolidates all the file share locations to one point and is used to make handling drive mappings easier to locate for users. Does it also speed up access over wan by caching somehow? does it need users to be part of the domain?

          I have some direction now