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Site to site VPN - Draytek --> Netgear -->Netgear

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  • Site to site VPN - Draytek --> Netgear -->Netgear

    Hi Guys,

    Just to give you an overview we have 2 adsl links on site 1 and 1 on site 2. On site 1 we use a Draytek 2820 (192.168.0.x) and a Netgear DG834(192.168.1.x) as our secondary connection and on our external site Netgear DG834(192.168.3.x).

    Im trying to setup a vpn tunnel between 2 sites, using a draytek and 2 Netgear DG834's. I cant go direct from the Draytek to the netgear as this isnt supported so traffic goes client -->Draytek or Netgear if Draytek is down.

    I have the vpn tunnel setup between the two netgears, but am unable to connect to clients on 3.x range. Is this because I need to setup a static route to the external site on the draytek to point to the 1.x range which then in turn routes to the 3.x range?

    If Ive confused you please feel free to ask... Thanks