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Vigor 2820 - Firewall filter not working

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  • Vigor 2820 - Firewall filter not working

    Hi all,

    Im trying to setup port forwarding for our mail security center using our Vigor 2820 which is playing up. So Ive temporarily set it up for my external PC to test.

    After reading a few posts on the Draytek site it seems you setup a NAT rule to allow any traffic on a particular port and then you disable it using Firewall filter rules for all and then create an allow rule for the particular IP's you wish to connect.

    So Ive added a NAT port redirection for port 389 and then added filter rule to block all traffic on port 389 - to test, and its still allows access to the port from outside.

    Has anyone had any experience with these?

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    Re: Vigor 2820 - Firewall filter not working

    Can you post more details as to how's your filter rule set up? Is the rule actually enabled?