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strategy to learn network setup

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  • strategy to learn network setup

    strategy to learn new network Hi all

    Iím wondering does anyone have a particular routine or strategy for understanding a new network that is undocumented and you have no support. How do you get yourself up to speed in the absence of supervisor or training in finding out how the traffic flows around the network and figure out how the and interpret the data, demystify that mass of unlabelled machines and gazillion cables in the server rack, how the traffic is processed en route to the internet etc.

    e.g. what commands can I run, what applications can help, what to look for physically. This looks like it will take forever, I have some basic networking knowledge but Ive a tendancy to freeze and be overwhelmed in this situation, people expect you to know the network inside out after your first week.

    Thanks for reading

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    Re: strategy to learn network setup

    I usually start with something like LanSurveyor or Active Directory Topology Diagramer to get a picture of the network in terms of devices.
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      Re: strategy to learn network setup

      start by looking at DHCP scopes and DNS
      that'll give you some ideas
      see if there's different subnets on differnt floors.
      telnet onto routers/switchs and interogate them
      etc. etc

      L4ndfy's idea is also excellent..

      I think the most important step for you here though,
      Is to document everything you find. It doesn't matter how, it doesn't matter if it's not in some super-smick wiki.
      what matters is you document it, so noone else ever has to do the same
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        Re: strategy to learn network setup

        Ive taken your adivce Guys and its helped me out a lot

        Many thanks


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          Re: strategy to learn network setup

          I usually walk about with a pen and paper and write down what i find on my travels.

          Then you need to figure out what goes where and in which order


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            Re: strategy to learn network setup

            trace route command
            switch/router config
            ip address