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problem with vpn user

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  • problem with vpn user

    hello for all in this great fourm

    i have problem

    network A
    network id

    network B
    network id

    network A conected with B by mpls ip-vpn
    and no problem to access from a to b and b to a

    i want user access to all resourses by vpn

    i make it by isa server vpn user
    and conected to network B only
    and isa in site b
    how i can access to network A from vpn user

    in isa server in site B
    i make access rule
    all protocol
    from vpn client and internal to vpn and internal

    but i can ping only range ip
    i cannot access to
    no ping nothing to access

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    Re: problem with vpn user

    Do you maybe need a route statement on your VPN setup to tell it where to go for the 10.1.x.x network???


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      Re: problem with vpn user

      or a default route ?
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        Re: problem with vpn user

        thanks sir for replay
        but what u mean defult route or static route
        u mean on isa server i put command
        route add ip netmask gatway
        this command on isa server or on vpn user
        can u please put full command
        and explan if i understand wrong couse isa server see all network and no problems in routing between network A and network b


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          Re: problem with vpn user

          What routes do your VPN clients get???

          Being an ISA server may mean that you would have restricted access on the firewall to allow users access to the required networks.

          I'm not an ISA user and never have been so i really cannot comment about its setup.