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Monitor Network for Beginners

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  • Monitor Network for Beginners

    my company has a lot of traffic running. Bandwidth is shrinking. Is there a easy way to tell what is using the most bandwidth, as well as fixing the problems. A program for beginners? Is there any literatureto read as well on network traffic?
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    Re: Monitor Network for Beginners

    Some clue as to what you have in place might help? Switches? Hubs? What models/software versions?

    What clients/servers/how many?

    What do you have running within your network that might legitimately be generating this traffic?

    What security do you have in place such as anti-malware protection?

    How can you tell your bandwidth is being consumed?

    Are you referring to bandwidth on the LAN, or is the LAN ok and it's your Internet connection that's degraded?

    Please post details otherwise we can't begin to help you. I appreciate that you may be relatively inexperienced but we will need as much detail as possible to be able to make relevant suggestions.
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      Re: Monitor Network for Beginners

      sorry about that

      i have 4 swithces dell PowerConnect 2724's afew Linksys about.

      ............................VIRTUAL............... ....

      I use VMWare, and i use VEEAM to backup

      I have 3 Virtual Hosts, 2 on this network another at another location connected via site to site vpn. Dell Poweredge (2), T710 and (1) 2900

      1st host, hosts 5 servers 1.) DC 2.) TS 3.) Data(these are 1 domain) 4.)DC 5.)TS (these 2 are 1 domain,seperate from first)) i have 1 64bit xp vm running my veeam software, i have 1 64 bit XP running sql server for 4 thick clients, and 1 64 bit xp running my vmware manager. 1 machine is running software that 1 person logs into.

      this is a total of 9 machines, 5 are servers

      the host the 710's has 24 logical processors. The 2900 has 8

      the 1st domain (1,2,3 servers) host about 20 clients, the 2nd hosts 4

      the 2nd virtual host is the 2900, i use this as my backup inhouse.

      the 3rd virtual host is the other 710, i also use this as a backup, it is offsite, it connects through a site to site vpn through my cisco router. the backups take forever)

      i have about 20 to 30 thick clients also in this building, none are part of the domain, just the TS,s are part of the domain. this clients log into a website that has a hyperlink to their server, in which they work off of. about 5 of these computers download data, that converts to excell. these reports can take up to a half hour.

      i have 2 other networks in my office, a total of 3, comcast, all diffrent publics. i use 1. the other i use for test. the other nothing.

      All computers are running nortons enpoint protection with network access control.

      after hours ping test to yahoo is 43-80 ms, during hours ping is 700-800 ms. i get complaints about their rdp sessions getting disconnected.

      i think the vpn is affecting the LAN and WAN.

      I'm pretty sure that's about it, alot going on, my comcast connection is 22 down and 5 up.

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        Re: Monitor Network for Beginners

        there's alot of text there - and i think it probably definitely gives a good idea of your infrastructure.

        \I'm lazy though.. and am not visualising it fully in my head just now.
        A basic map would help.

        I'm going to take a stab and say if you're dragging your VMware backups across the Site-to-"Site VPN, that's the problem.

        Setup your backup to back up somewhere at the remote site, trather thasn dragging it over the vpn
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          Re: Monitor Network for Beginners

          thanks for the reply,

          sorry, kind of confused about your answer. the remote site is part of a disaster recovery program, the site where i have my vm's is the main location.

          So i want them backed up at the main site, which it is doing, but some of them at the remote location. i don't know of any other way to get the backup to any location without going thru a vpn.

          i agree with your answer about dragging across vpn though.


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            Re: Monitor Network for Beginners

            great article....