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  • email/Outlook/Firewall??

    Hello All,

    I am having a strange issue with Outlook and a email. The general manager of my company has a personal email address he uses and wants on his work laptop that has his exchange email on it. I have tried several configs including POP, IMAP with and without SSL and the different ports.

    I have posted this in the network forum due to a couple of factors:

    1. I have setup his email on both an iPad and iPhone and both function fine within and outside (not on my network) the building.

    2. The email will work with Outlook when he is at home and not connected to our network but once he connects to the VPN the will no longer receive emails.

    My first thought was that it must be an issue with ports being block on the firewall but why does the work on both the ipad and iphone on my network?

    So basically I can send email via the on any device inside the building but cannot receive email via Outlook inside the building but Outlook works fine outside the network.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

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    Re: email/Outlook/Firewall??

    on the vpn connection, turn off "use remote default gateway" or whatever the checkbox is (I forget)
    See if that helps

    the other thing to look at is DNS - when he connects to the vpn, does it funny up his dns settings ?
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      Re: email/Outlook/Firewall??

      Sorry if i was not clear. VPN is not the issue, I only included that as an example for email not working when connected to my network.

      I really just need my managers email to work with Outlook 2010 while he is in the building.

      I have tried it on win7,XP and on both Office 2010 and 07.

      It will work fine as long as the machine is not connected to my network.


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        Re: email/Outlook/Firewall??

        Something on your corporate firewall?
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          Re: email/Outlook/Firewall??

          I have opened the appropriate ports without any luck.

          Also why does the iPad and iPhone work on the same network?

          I have configured Outlook with the same ports that the apple products use but still no luck.

          Am I missing something?


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            Re: email/Outlook/Firewall??

            confirm the ipad and iphone are actually transitting your firewall, and not failing back to 3g.

            Do this by disablig the 3g radio, and leaving the wireless running, then try the same connection.
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