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Help in Setting up VLAN'S

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  • Help in Setting up VLAN'S

    Hi All,

    Im hoping you could be of assistance in helping me to draw up and implement a design for a small network I have in place at my work office.

    Currently, everything is spread across two buildings, B1 and B2.
    B1 has its own subnet (, and has a Sonicwall NSA2400 as its gateway/Router/Firewall, into which a standard internet connection is also terminated.
    B2 also has its own subnet (, and has a Cisco 1801 (RTR2) as its primary gateway and router.
    B1 and B2 are interconnected via an ipSec VPN, by means of two Cisco Aironet 1200 series APís in bridged mode. B2 has one AP connected to FA 0/2. B1 also has an 1801 (RTR1), into which the other AP is terminated, on FA 0/2.

    Traffic bound from B1 to B2 is routed to B1ís LAN interface on RTR1.
    Traffic bound from B2 to B1 is routed out the AP interface on RTR2.

    Currently, both subnets host a mix of Servers, PCís, Phones and Wireless Clients (Both Corporate and Guest) with Laptops/Smart Phones. There is no separation between any of these devices, and all are in the same broadcast domain within their respective subnets.

    My plan is to create a number of VLANs into which these device groups would be placed. The way I see it they can be broken down into the following:-
    1. Corporate LAN PCs/Peripherals(printers etc),

    2. Servers

    3. Phones

    4. Corporate Wireless Clients,

    5. Visitor Wireless Clients.

    Traffic flow should only take place between:-
    1. Phones to each other, LAN interface of PABX
    2. PCs to one another, Network peripherals, Servers, Internet
    3. Corporate Wireless Clients as per PCís above
    4. Visitor Wireless Clients only to internet
    5. Servers to each other ,Corporate PCís and Wireless Clients

    My knowledge of VLAN implementation is limited, so please bear with me on any suggestions you might have. I do have working knowledge of the CLI.
    Equipment I currently have a 2960 switch at both locations. I also have two Aironet 1042ís, upon which it is possible to configure per SSID vlan IDís. Anything else that needs to be purchased can be considered.

    As I am relatively new to this side of things, can you advise what is the best way to conceptually proceed with this?

    Thanks for your help