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Need mulicast configuration

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  • Need mulicast configuration


    I want to enable mulicasting for below senario.

    I have one cisco Digital Media server which will keep sending data to player in network on muliticasting.

    1) I have 3 L3 switches and 3 L2 switches.

    2) server is on one of L2 switch and plyaers are on other L2 switch and all are in diffent vlan. but intervlan is active.

    3) i want to enable mulicasting so that my server should keep sending mulicast message on that vlan.

    can you suggest the mulicst configuration?

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    Re: Need mulicast configuration

    what do you have as a starting point ?
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      Re: Need mulicast configuration

      Originally posted by tehcamel View Post
      what do you have as a starting point ?

      I have attached the network diagram for clear information.
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        Re: Need mulicast configuration

        FWIW: I found implementing multicast throughout our entire network one of the harder tasks to get working. Especially across MPLS and L2L vpn tunnel boundries.

        Given your network topolgy, you may need to only configure the core 6500's with the basics:

        1) Enable multicast routing (global)
        ip multicast-routing
        2) Add PIM statments to each SVI (vlan interface) that will participate in multicast routing. NOTE: Read up on the difference between sparse-mode and sparse-dense-mode.
        int vlan 106
         ip pim sparse-mode
        3) I would suggest establishing rendezvous points (RP) as a 3rd step (I used a loopback interface), but this step may not be necessary given your network topology.

        At this point, multicast should be enabled at the core using cisco defaults. Your access switches should already have IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) enabled.

        4) Configure your source streaming device to send its content to a multicast group address. In IPv4, addresses through Then configure your receivers to join this multicast group address. Keep fingers crossed!!!

        Some commands I found useful during multicast deployment were:

        show ip mroute
        show ip igmp snooping

        Good luck


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          Re: Need mulicast configuration

          Hi All,

          My post is not in response to your questions! I am also involved in a project about multicast and I thought you can help me in this regard. Sorry, I am new to this and excuse me if I do not express thing correctly.

          Here is the project definition. Set up a network consisting a desktop, few smart phones that are connected to an access point and develop an application that multicast a file to interested end systems (smart phones in this case).

          I had some basic search and I know about PIM, IGMP and so on. my problem is that, I do not think I can communicate with an AP to make it multicast capable. seems cisco router do not have these features too and I need cisco switches. Is this correct?
          Is there any cisco router that is multicast enable.

          If I develop an application that send out info to a multicast group address. Can I cross my fingers and hope the network itself do this job?

          How can I develop an APP on smartphones to announce that they want to join a multicast group. I know IGMP is used but to whom it must send the message (i.e. which IP add.?).

          I would appreciate if you guide me through this and introduce if you know good resources for this project.



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            Re: Need mulicast configuration

            Not sure about the AP's but cisco routers and switches do support multicast. The type of multicast you need is depending on the application and who wants it. You can go dense-mode which is flooded everywhere and pruned back or sparse-mode which is an explicit join. Multicast is a huge topic and you may want to check out the cisco documentation for a configuration that works for you. I am not a developer so I cant help with that aspect of it.
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