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    As a result of government help provided by certain areas of the UK, presumably because BT do not find it profitable to install fiber optic cables all over the country, some areas of our town will be getting fast broadband by next year. There is some doubt BT will bother to replace many of the old cables, some are even known to be cheap inferior aluminum. So instead they appear to be installing cabinets equipped with antennas.

    Presumably any increased broadband speed will be determined by cables still needed ,and the limitations of the individual modems or routers in use. In my case an old Speedtouch modem according to Wikipedia still capable of handling an increase from my present 2.2 to 7 Mbps per below. But can my server set a limit to my broadband speed for any reason please?

    SpeedTouch USB and SpeedTouch 330 - A basic ADSL USB modem, without router features and capable of speeds up to 1Mbit up and 7Mbit down.

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    Re: Fast Broadband

    Originally posted by GordonSweet
    But can my server set a limit to my broadband speed for any reason please?
    Don't understand what you are trying to ask.
    What is defined as "fast broadband"? I would consider fast broadband to be ADSL2+ in which case your ADSL modem would not work with it. Need a few more specific details there Gordon.
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      Re: Fast Broadband

      I am far from being an expert at DSL technology, but I have to ask...

      What does "your server" have to do with DSL speed? Is this so called server something unique to the BT implementation of DSL?

      The reason I ask is a typical US based residental DSL circuit consists of a DSL modem at the customer edge (CE) and a DSL Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) at the provider edge (PE). As noted, your overal speed across the DSL circuit can be impacted by the quality of copper and/or its length to the Central Office (CO) where the DSLAM is located. But after a packet of data makes it past the DSLAM, I would think the packet is routed to the CO's internet circuit. If there was any additional rate limiting done by your provider, I would think this is done at the DSLAM via provisioning or the CO's internet edge router, not a server.

      Sorry, just trying to understand the terminology here.


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        Re: Fast Broadband

        From past experience, Gordon means "ISP" when he refers to "server"

        Gordon, do yourself a favour and splash out 25 on a decent home router, with WiFi. That will support higher speeds than your ancient dongle can do. (I suspect the only reason you are sticking with the dongle is that it has rusted into a USB port ).
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