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  • New Crafty Cookies

    Unless my system is different to yours, have you noticed somehow the cookies no longer have simple names. So now anyone like me can no longer concoct simple software to identify which ones we want to keep to log in here etc, and delete all the others. The only way is to watch which is the latest added when we log in anywhere or go by the second we logged in.

    Does anyone know who is responsible for the change, is it MS Windows updates ?

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    Re: New Crafty Cookies

    Originally posted by GordonSweet View Post
    Does anyone know who is responsible for the change, is it MS Windows updates ?
    Not on Linux or MacOS, anyway....

    Can you give us a clue which OS you are running and which browser?
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      Re: New Crafty Cookies

      Thanks it is Win XP with all the wretched standard updates, and Orange.

      I cannot see the server has anything to do with it. I would have thought it must be the sites who dump cookies on us aided and abetted by MS. They have changed the names from like below

      [email protected]ums
      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      [email protected]
      [email protected]news

      to this now. I have added the time to help identify any

      C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Cookies\ TOTAL 75 files
      1 05/09/11 11:22:01 XLQFPON8.txt
      2 25/09/11 13:20:47 BRCP5T3W.txt
      3 25/09/11 13:21:27 XPETO08H.txt
      4 25/09/11 14:04:06 NRPNL8RC.txt
      5 25/09/11 14:04:06 QLNHY7RN.txt
      6 25/09/11 14:04:54 0DA9SFTH.txt
      7 25/09/11 14:07:21 PVFK0I5K.txt
      8 25/09/11 14:07:21 WV3OG7EO.txt