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If access Http:// go to via ADSL ?

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  • If access Http:// go to via ADSL ?

    Follow with diagram.... 2 phase 1:internal office 2:ADSL to internet

    At pahse ADSL have configuration switch Vlan10 for 3 APs Vlan30 for ADSL Vlan1 for internal ip

    If whent user want to go http https can set access to ADSL and when user use e-mail company or file server access to VPN

    How to use sulotion this case ? (I think do squid on cenos separate between ADSL and AP)
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    Re: If access Http:// go to via ADSL ?

    in my previous role, we often used Fortigates, with 2 WAN connections.
    for some sites, we would configure for HTTP traffic to only go over wan2, while intersite links went over wan1, for instance.

    this is called Policy Based routing.
    You can push data over a specific route based on, for instance, the destiination port.
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