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Forefront TMG denies connection to time keeping site

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  • Forefront TMG denies connection to time keeping site

    Hi everyone,
    I need help in restoring connection to our external time keeping website. I was making changes on the firewall to deny internet access on a single workstation to redirect to our time keeping website and now no one on our network is able to connect to the site. I checked in the firewall logs and the connection is being denied with the result code 0xc0040012 FWX_E_NETWORK_RULES_DENIED. Previously, there was nothing configured to explicitly allow the connection but all of a sudden its denying the connection. I know we're not having problems with port 443 being blocked because I am able to access other websites that use SSL and it appears to be just this site. I added a new access rule in the firewall to allow connection from our internal network to the website but still nothing. When I was experimenting earlier, I did notice it took awhile for the changes to take effect but I want to know what I can do to explicitly allow the connection between our users and the site. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

    I JUST figured it out. When I was tinkering with the rules, I created a Network object with the IP address of the site and it was no longer a part of the "External" network. Once I did that, it would default to the "Deny all" rule unless I went out of my way to configure it exactly the way the "Allow Internet Access" rule was setup.

    On the bright side, accounting will only have to deal with half of our employees not clocking out for the day
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    Re: Forefront TMG denies connection to time keeping site

    Well done on solving the problem and thanks for posting back with your solution. It is much appreciated.
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