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MTU Help - Site2Site VPN and poor file transfer

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  • MTU Help - Site2Site VPN and poor file transfer

    so, our client has a Virgin Media connection, terminates on a superhub.
    Behind that, we have a Draytek, which has a site-2-site VPN configured.
    The Superhub has "default" MTU configured. THe Draytek has mtu 1442 configured.

    File transfers kill and die out - this includes if he tries to send emails with file attachments of ~2MB, or copy/paste them up onto the file server over the VPN.

    I'm looking at two possibilities.
    It's the MTU - a mismatch between the SH and DT, or just set incorrectly.
    OR, It's Virgin hobbling the upload on what is a home connection.

    So, what sort of MTU should I be looking at havving configured in this scenario ?
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