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2 dsl lines

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  • 2 dsl lines

    we have a problem where remote users connecting to a win 2008 server via remote desktop services experience intermittant freeezing in all apps.
    I think it is a bandwidth problem.
    they connect to head office using the same dsl line that users in head office use. is it possible to install a second dedicated dsl line by which only the remote users connect, and for them to still be able to connect to the office network?

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    Re: 2 dsl lines

    yes, it's possible.
    you would need a device that can handle multiple interfaces for your firewall

    so basically, you'd have Line1 going into FA0/0 and line2 going into FA0/1
    then your network would be on FA0/2
    and you just make sure everything routes out FA0/0 except traffic from the server..

    It's doable, surely
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