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port forward a range of IP

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  • port forward a range of IP


    I have a Zyxel P-662H-D1 and need to forward a range of ports, 2048-4096 to one static ip on the lan.
    I have added the range to a wan to lan rule on the firewall but cannot nat the range. Can only nat a single port
    I am using sua Nat.

    Can anyone tell me how i can allow a range of ports through to 1 IP?


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    Re: port forward a range of IP

    I get an internal error when start and end ports are different. no error if start and end ports are the same.
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      Re: port forward a range of IP

      What browser are you using? I've seen some routers that will only have things like that work in IE. If you've gone up to IE9 there's also a possibility it may not be compatible. Other than that I can't help with the specific router model I'm afraid.


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        Re: port forward a range of IP

        What do Zyxel support say?
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