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  • Networking windows 2008

    Hi Guys,
    i wonder if you can tell me the best way to set this up

    i have a private ip network with a network provider which works but i want to add some resilience into it we also have a ADSL at each site what i want is if the main site goes down it will flip over to the ADSL lines so we can keep working.

    does anyone know the best way to do this or to go about it ? is there something i can put into server 2008 that can do this?

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    Re: Networking windows 2008

    The main site goes down? Do you mean the main link?

    You're probably looking at a point to point VPN over the ADSL link and some kind of router to handle the failover. It depends whether you want to try to make it kick in automatically or require manual intervention.

    It also depends on what kit runs the existing line and the logical network setup.

    Are you on two sites or more? You just say "each site". Do both/all sites share the same IP subnet or are they each behind a NAT router?


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      Re: Networking windows 2008

      Hi Mate,
      if the main link goes down currently we have a IPVPN which has a fail-over which is using cisco 1844 routers.

      but i want to put in a 3rd backup that uses our normal ADSL connections i have Draytek 2820n routers at each site is there a way of getting my traffic to go via them when those lines go down either by manual or automatic?

      sorry if i sound stupid on this but this isnt my area normally


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        Re: Networking windows 2008

        The Drayteks do have built in failover, however it depends on your physical setup as to whether you can use it.

        You could put the Cisco on WAN2 of the Draytek, set up WAN2 as the primary port with WAN1 (dsl) coming up on WAN2 fail. WAN2 fail being detected by pinging a remote IP.

        The problem with that is you're putting the Draytek in between your network and the Cisco. The Cisco probably has more feature support than the Draytek to add the Draytek as a third fail over but I don't know the IOS well enough to help with that I am afraid.


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          Re: Networking windows 2008

          Moving this to General Networking as appears to be unrelated to 2008
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            Re: Networking windows 2008

            hi guys,
            is there a way of using ras to create a site to site vpn between the 2 servers and move the traffic to that?