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PPTP tunnels insite site-to-site VPN

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  • PPTP tunnels insite site-to-site VPN

    My customer has a site-to-site L2TP VPN established with FortiGate network appliances. One network has Small Business Server 2003 and the other end is a workgroup.

    A new executive with basic computer knowledge realized if he made a PPTP VPN connection to the SBS 2003 server, his connection was faster when browsing files and folders on the server. Consequently, five other people made PPTP VPN connections for a total of 6 which is what RRAS is configured for.

    The network is slow. I set up a new notebook and configured Outlook 2010 with RPC over HTTPS (remote user sometimes). Outlook will connect to the Exchange server if you make a PPTP connection. If you do not make a PPTP connection, you get prompted for your username / password but eventually get the message that Outlook is disconnected.

    I can open up a command prompt and ping the server so I know the site-to-site VPN is working. I am trying to suggest to my customer that his site-to-site VPN tunnel is saturated with all all these independent PPTP tunnels and that this is where his problem is. Any opinions on this?

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    Re: PPTP tunnels insite site-to-site VPN

    definitely suggest it !
    tell him that to accurately test the network, you need to stop all those PPtP connections.

    You may not prove it's the problem, but it's part of the troubleshooting process..
    also, just drop and restart the vpn link
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