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High availability fax solution

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  • High availability fax solution

    Looking to replace an old Windows XP workstation used to send corporate fax through PSTN.
    I need some advice in order to find the right solution that would provide me with high availability and ease of management.

    Service availability is really a concern, so I 'm looking for some kind of HA solution (VM in a VmWare Infrastructure, MS Cluster, some special HW appliances in active/passive or active/active configuration and so forth) even if it would take money.

    I've also heard about the chance to use mail-to-fax but I don't know much about it.

    Any help will be much appreciated

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    Re: High availability fax solution

    I know very little about VMWare, but assuming it can access fax modems OK I'd look at HA coming from VMWare for a GFI FaxMaker or similar server. That gives mail to fax and lots of other nice things like Outlook integration, so is very simple for end users. Dunno if GFI can be clustered or anything like that though, I've only ever installed it in SBS networks and even then not recently. Not many people still relying that heavily on fax!
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      Re: High availability fax solution

      Perhaps look at outsouring faxes - or similar.
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