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packet drops

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  • packet drops

    Hello everyone

    I could really do with some help. We are seeing intermittent performance issues on our network. This is affecting staff uploading and downloading documents and using other apps.

    If I run a continuous ping from a PC every hour or so packets start getting droped intermittently. This lasts for about 2 minutes and then performance is ok again.

    we are using HP Procurve switches and are running spanning tree.

    This problem seems to come and go, sometimes we wont get it for a few days or even a week then it returns. I have checked the switch logs and I cant see anthing obvious. there are a few reports of excessive broadcasts, but not sure this is the issue. When the drops happen, the edge switches seem to experience and increase in traffic on all ports, looking at the gui. The lights go solid on the switches for activity too.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Re: packet drops

    An update. I discovered that this only occurred when backups were running. We then totally removed spanning tree from all our switches, which are HP procurve and the problem went away. I am still not clear on why stp caused this and of course I want to put it back!