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    It would seem the Broadband speeds shown in the Connection Status box of such as Windows XP when using a router is nonsense. A router I used before it failed to connect any more and that shown by my next door neighbour working perfectly with a different server both indicate a fantasy speed of 100 Mbps. Yet when we both run a speed test from sites it shows the correct speed of a little over 2 Mbps, as correctly shown with my many year old simple USB Modem I still use.

    Can anyone explain why please we have this anomaly?

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    Re: Router Speed Indicators

    I think you will find the 100Mbps is the speed of the network connection from XP to the router, not the broadband speed. The router may have a web interface which shows the speed it is connecting at, or as you say you can use or similar sites
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      Re: Router Speed Indicators

      The speed the router is connecting at may also not be the same as the speed you experience from your computer.
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