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msn messanger is not working inside my network

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  • msn messanger is not working inside my network

    hi every buddy
    my case is all the client inside my domain can not sign in to windows live messenger
    i i have isa 2006 standard edition and us robotics modem router
    i created rule in isa to allow all out bound traffic from internal to external
    and no thing happened
    when checking vis window messenger repair option it said key ports problem
    so i do not know what does it mean
    and if any one met this issue can help me .
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    Re: msn messanger is not working inside my netowrk

    How long has this been going on and what changed before it stopped working?

    If a client connects directly to the router, thus bypassing the ISA, can they connect?
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      Re: msn messanger is not working inside my network

      where i live, they provide free wireless broadband.

      There's no ISA or anything, just a netgear-style mode, and client device uses NAT. there's no blocking, at least on the msn messenger side of things. They do block sites like piratebay.

      sometimes, MSN messenger just craps out, and refuses to connect.
      All I can do is go downstairs and restart the modem.

      when you try and sign in to msn messenger, it will give you an error code. could you let us know what that is?
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        Re: msn messanger is not working inside my network

        sorry for absence this period
        i was not happy with my isa server (the server was too old) and always hanging so i have created virtual server and installed isa 2006 on it and distributed its settings through group policy to the clients and msn works on the new server