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Network/Device scan

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  • Network/Device scan

    Hi all...

    Im trying to discover all divices on the network as the documentation I recieved with regards to whats out there is none existant. We only have a small network so I was wondering what tools I can use to discover devices?


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    Re: Network/Device scan

    Angry IP Scanner might help.

    Look at the DHCP server's list of address leases.

    Grab a network cable and follow it to see what's on the end
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      Re: Network/Device scan

      definitely take a look at spiceworks - I was lookin at it at home (I'm in a building with a shared, free wireless network) and it was able to go out and discover about 7 or 8 comptuers, as well as 4 network devices (all of which I have no acccess to, but that's not the point)

      if you DO have access (for instance, a domain admin account) it will actually give you a whole heap of info back on the computer.
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        Re: Network/Device scan

        Cheers fella's, Ive looked at Spiceworks before so I might relive the dream...

        Thanks again


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          Re: Network/Device scan

          Another to look at is nmap, my personal fav......


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            Re: Network/Device scan

            Don't forget The Dude.
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              Re: Network/Device scan

              Id use SolarWinds LANsurveyor
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