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Subnetting/Expanding Class A network

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  • Subnetting/Expanding Class A network

    Hello. I work at a hospital with a Class A IP scheme. Our gateway is and our subnet mask is This subnet mask should provide us with 1022 available addresses.

    I don't know they didn't start out with, but for whatever reason, they elected to start with

    Anyway, we currently have 250 IP addresses in use. Can I safely change the third IP octet to expand and categorize our network? Our current IP scheme is a mess. I would like to have blocks of IP addresses for different departments in the hospital.

    For example:
    Servers could take -
    Laboratory could take -
    Pharmacy could take -
    Medical Records could take -
    Nursing could take -

    Can I safely change the third octet as long as I stay within my 1022 address? Or do I have to use -

    I don't think this would necessarily be subnetting, because I'm keeping the same subnet mask.

    Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.