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  • Barracuda

    I need to be able to setup my Barracuda but want to replace my ISA. Barracuda told me it wont work. The ISA server has two nics on 10.0 network. The internal nic is obviously the inside network on 192. The ISA server seems to be NATTING the address outbound to the external nic address. THe Bararcuda will not see the individual IP addresses when they pass through. How can I change this? Could I remove the ISA and replace with Barracuda? Is there a way to tell ISA not to translate?

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    Re: Barracuda

    Barracuda Networks makes multiple products.

    Could you be more specific as to which one you're referring to?
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      Re: Barracuda

      Web Filter 410. The only IP it sees it sees is the Natted port out of the the ISA. I have it sitting in front of the ISA and behind second firewall. I put it at that spot because it was the same subnet and that is where all the IP addresses come through via proxy.