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  • Network Monitoring

    Can anyone recommend a "simple" network monitoring system ?
    LAN consists of the following:

    WAN: 8mb up/down fiber, failover to 3mb up/down DSL
    Server '03 running AD/DNS for approx 25 local clients
    Routing/DHCP/Firewall handled by a SonicWall router
    Switching handled by a "SMART" Netgear Pro Switch
    (basically a "managed" simple layer one switch)
    There are multiple 8-port desktop switches in the environment because the owner is too damn cheap to pay for proper pre-wire
    Cleint environment consists of roughly 25 locally connected PC's/Printers and IP Phones.
    IP Phones are avaya's, wired through the netgear switch(s) back to avaya phone server boxes. Voice mail and so-forth handled by a seperate PC in the server closet running the phone software.

    NOW... the issue lies in trying to narrow down random sluggish network performance. Id really like to be able to tell if its the old switch, the overabundance of desktop switches, collision, packet loss... etc, etc.

    Any thoughts ? Recommendations ? Besides a gun barrel ?

    Thanks to all.


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    Re: Network Monitoring

    Lots of them out there, I like SNORT It will find if you problem is within the network and is pretty simple to use and free.