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Vpn and windows routes.

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  • Vpn and windows routes.

    Hello everybody,

    I have a problem with a vpn connection from a RDP session.

    I'm building a server, It should be for RDP session and from the RDP session established a
    VPN connection to a lot of Customers.
    The server is built from virtual system which has a lot of xp operating systems,
    Each xp be assigned to Each employee to connect with RDP and From there it will connect on

    The issue is that in many cases when the VPN established in the RDP session- the RDP
    session is Falls.
    I tried to set a "route add" in the route table of the xp to my network and it solved the
    problem in some cases.
    but in other cases as in a fortigate sslvpn- Looks at route print that the line i added was
    duplicate by the vpn connetion.

    Active Routes:
    Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 11 1 2 **** 1 **** 1 10 10 10 50 50 1 10 1 1 3 1 1
    Default Gateway:
    ================================================== =========================
    Persistent Routes:
    Network Address Netmask Gateway Address Metric 1 - this is the gateway of a vpn - the is the gateway of my network
    The third row is the line I added and after the vpn established Metric gone to 2 from 1,
    and the Fourth row is come true.

    After a lot of searches and googled about this problem i found a "use default gateway on
    the remote network" Option in the vpn properties> networking> TCP\IP> advanced.
    But even here some vpn as SSLVPN returns the check automatically.

    I'll be happy if someone can help.
    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Vpn and windows routes.

    Something wrong with that routing table, you have 2 default routes. Do you have more than one physical NIC in the server?

    Only your default gateway should normally have the route, as that is the route that should be taken for all traffic that does not have a specific route defined. Unfortunately I don't have a Windows XP machine to test with at the moment, but I would expect a VPN to only add a route to the subnet of the remote network.
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      Re: Vpn and windows routes.

      Hello cruachan,
      I dont have more than one physical NIC in my server.
      When you connect to VPN, virtual NIC is created, his default route is come true and his Metric is becomes lower (1 Value).
      So that my real default gateway bypassed and his Metric is Becomes lower higher (11 Value).