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Network issues

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  • Network issues

    I am running a very simple network.
    2 servers (fileserver and exchange) both are 2003 standard.
    Sonciwall firewall that is connects to 24 port switch and that switch is uplinked to another (Dell) 24 port switch.
    About 3 weeks ago users started to complain that their systems slow down dramatically around noon -3pm. (interent, fileserver access, exchange,etc)It's almost every other day.
    Can anybody recommend good simple software (with free trial) that will allow me to scan the network and see what slows everything down?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    I have a feeling it might be one of the switches but want to scan the network to know for sure.


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    Re: Network issues

    do the switches have any sort of management capabilities?
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      Re: Network issues

      No.Both switches are not managed.


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        Re: Network issues

        Anti virus scan running around that time?
        Are the systems slowing or is it network access that is slowing. eg files taking longer to save etc?
        Check the Server to see if it has been compromised. If it has been "owned" then the bandwidth may be being hammered at that time or the Server may be doing some heavy spamming or similar.
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