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  • Server isolation

    Hi everybody,
    a server inside my network is running a web application that continuously needs to read and write data into an SQL Server 2008 DB.
    This server belongs to our corporate LAN (
    Inside our network we use some DELL Powerconnect 2724.
    I'd like to keep the web app and the DB on 2 different servers (Windows Server 2008 and 2003 respectively), but I fear that the data exchange between the 2 servers will become a bottleneck inside my network.
    For this reason I would like to put into action some kind of network isolation, so that 1) users from the Internet won't feel a bad experience when accessing the web app and 2) LAN performance won't be heavily affected
    Which is the way to go? VLAN or something else?


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    Re: Server isolation

    Capture some traffic and see how chatty your application is

    However you set it up, dependent on the backplane within the switch, you may still see an impact on the network.
    I doubt it though.
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