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transition to gigabit network

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  • transition to gigabit network

    We are having some performance issues with large file transfers and I wanted to look into upgrading to a gigabit network or a partial gigabit network to at least have higher speeds for the engineers who use CAD software over the network. Right now our router and all of our switches are 10/100. To give you an idea of the network layout, see below:

    modem -> router
    router -> switch 1, switch 2, switch 3, sbs 2003 server
    switch 1 -> switch 4
    switch 1 -> computers
    switch 2 -> computers
    switch 3 -> computers
    switch 4 -> computers (including engineers)

    The question is: what hardware do I need to upgrade? Just the switches or does the router need to be upgraded to gigabit as well? The idea is to speed up access to the sbs 2003 server's shared drives from local PC's (specifically, the engineers).

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    Re: transition to gigabit network

    To speed up file transfers from the users machines to the 2003 server, the switches that connect the 2 need to be gigabit capable.


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      Re: transition to gigabit network

      Gotcha. So, if I wanted to, I could actually just purchase a 5 port gigabit switch and put the sbs server and the engineer's computers on there and they should be working off the gigabit speed as far as file transfers go between them and the server?


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        Re: transition to gigabit network

        Yes, given the nics of all the machines are gigabit capable, and your LAN cabling can support it.


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          Re: transition to gigabit network

          Not all gigabit switches are created equal.

          Look for the following on any switch you buy:
          Switching Capacity - Total amount of bandwidth the switch can handle at once
          Non-Blocking - Basically all ports are gigabit and able to handle full speed

          If you buy a switch with 8 ports but it only support 2Gb Switching you can only use up to 2Gb at any given time.