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Draytek 2860 IP objects - import and export

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  • Draytek 2860 IP objects - import and export

    Hi, does anyone know if its possible to export and import "IP objects" on a Draytek 2860 instead of manually inputting them one at a time?

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    Doing a quick search with , the only import/export I've found is an entire config from related device models, but that's all. There's a compatibility chart at Draytek's sites:
    but that reads like the entire config comes across, not just selectable pieces of it. If the GUI you're using doesn't include any obvious links to tools you haven't used yet, most likely you can't do what you want.

    You might try to backup your router locally, and see what format that file is in. Some brands of device backup their config as an XML file, others do it as some sort of encoded binary file that can't be viewed in a text editor, so is unalterable. If you're lucky enough to get a backup that can be viewed in Notepad or some such, then find one or your currently defined objects and have a try at adding new devices there, then importing that config. WARNING: I make no guarantee that will work in your case, so please take every precaution as to setting s running backup aside, and having the instructions to factory-reset your device and reload with the protected backup to get you running again in the event the worst happens.
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      My experience with import/export of Draytek routers is that, as RicklesP points out, it is all or nothing. However, if the new router will have the same config, you can import the exported file from an earlier/same model. It may be quicker to import, then change other options if this is suitable.
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