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Reliable\Good method to test actual WAN throughput

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  • Reliable\Good method to test actual WAN throughput


    Im looking for a way to test my FTTP WAN link, Ive uploaded files to an external source and got some results there but Im looking for a method for a "fuller" test if that's the expression to use. Our upload speed is 20Mbps and I uploaded a 1GB file at an average speed of 326.9 KB/s taking 54:38 minutes

    Any thoughts would be extremely appreciated.

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    If you're trying to get the use of your total bandwidth for something like this, you'll probably find that such will be limited to something between 10-25% of the total link size. Your numbers work out to about 1/7th which is better than 10% but less than 1/4. If there was any other traffic running on the link at the same time, such as any other user with a web session open, a lot of emails or streaming media to TVs, that all takes bandwidth too. Sounds fine to me.
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