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    Does anyone know why I am seeing the crazy rubbish below while using Outlook or Thunderbird with Hotmail to send emails please
    13:11:25 Synchronizer Version 12.0.6672
    13:11:25 Synchronizing Mailbox 'Gordon Sweet'
    13:11:25 Synchronizing Hierarchy
    13:11:25 Synchronizing server changes in folder 'Inbox'
    13:11:25 Downloading from server '[email protected]'
    13:11:26 Done
    13:12:09 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
    13:12:09 Not downloading Offline address book files. A server (URL) could not be located.
    13:12:09 0X80004005


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    What is happening - are the messages being sent? Was the mail client working before? Is this a connection to a new account? Are you using IMAP? POP3 is no longer supported by Hotmail. Is your mail client the latest version available?
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      Being cynical I suspect MS are doing their best to force us on Win 7 or 8.1 to use the spying Win 10. I finally discovered the problem since I can no longer use Windows Live Mail on this Win 7 if I use any other mailer like Outlook or Thunderbird MS arrange to generate the silly warnings above. The only solution is just to use the Outlook site.


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        You do realise there is just as much telemetry sent when using Windows 7/8/8.1


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          If you mean Windows 10 data spying I have no objections. I understand my AVG is doing likewise, but I cannot understand why MS having abandoned us still using Win 7 & 8.1 from using Windows Live Mail have the nerve to make any other mailer usable with all the silly warnings after an email is sent. That is unless we use the Outlook site.

          If I was a lot younger and a wealthy I would sue MS for breach of contract in failing to continue to provide a proper working Mailer for Win7 and 8.1. After all they still flood us with endless Windows updates.


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            They are actually providing a working email Client for Windows 8.1. Its just called Mail and is one of the built in applications, and has been since Windows 8. When was the last time you updated Windows Live Mail?? From memory you need to install the Windows Live Essentials software to get the latest versions.

            What warnings?? What email client are you using??

            Going from recent posts i think your just having a hard time adjusting to the newer OS's that MS are putting out. Windows 7 was originally released in 2009. How long do you expect a company to support the product? BTW support for Windows 10 doesn't actually stop until 2020 but to receive the updates you need to have paid support. Go have a look at other OS's on the market and see how long they offer updates and support for, i think you'll be pretty surprised.

            In that time there have been 3 OS releases, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

            Ok now this last comment really grinds my gears. Would you rather MS did not update the OS that they have built and leave your system wide open to the potential for viruses, spam, etc. etc. etc. etc.?? Maybe you should leave your un-patched system out there in the wild and see how long it lasts. Oh and another thing. They do not flood you with endless updates. There was typically on e day per month where your system would receive a batch of updates. It is now a cumulative update that gets released once per month and contains all the relevant patches and updates for your system. Again go out and see what other OS's are available and see what they update cycle is like for them. Again you might actually be surprised.


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              I should have made it clear the Windows Live Mail problem I am concerned is with this PC using Windows 7. But as I see MS have now decided to ceased supporting Windows essentials since 10 January 2017 I assume there is nothing more I can do apart from forking out for Windows 10.

              Someone did post MS are supposed to be still making an update of Windows Live Mail, if so could anyone please post the URL to download it for Windows 7.

              Meanwhile can anyone explain why it is impossible to copy and paste the whole of emails including images received using to say MS Word?