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Joining network type cables

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  • Joining network type cables

    Our external swann camera stopped working as water got inside the network cable wire (RJ45 female port)
    To fix this I thought I would remove the female port from the swann camera to expose the wiring and then connect to a female port of a spare cat6e cable(8 wires + one drain wire).

    However, the swann wiring seems to be completely different to what I was expecting. It has 6 wires of the following colours, does anyone know how I would connect this to a cat network cable?

    swann colors:

    the cat 6e cable colors(8 wires + drain):
    orange + white
    green + white
    brown +white
    blue + white
    + drain?


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    What is a drain wire?
    Are you sure it is an RJ45 port and not an RJ12? An RJ12 socket has 6 wires (RJ11 has 4).
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      I think his drain wire is the shield line installed in Cat5e and above that have an outer shield wrapping or braid. But the argument of RJ11 vs RJ45 is absolutely valid--they are not cross-connectable, at least not natively. The signalling used is different. SFRAZI: do some digging about the model of camera you have and verify whether the cable socket is supposed to be cat5e (RJ45, 8-wire + optional shield) or US-telephone spec (RJ11, 6-wire). Replace the cable as appropriate. Without knowing more detail about your hardware, I can't recommend any better than that, because my initial on-line search comes up showing BNC video cables and 2-wire power feeds. Have you contacted Swann about your issue?
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