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PayPal extra code demanded

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  • PayPal extra code demanded

    Advice please. A you maybe aware strange PayPal want me to use an extra 4 digit code as well as my Debit card details such as if I am daft enough to phone them presumably in the USA. Details can be found on the PayPal site but as usual the PayPal nerds do not explain how I will be told details of the 4 digit code or whether they want me to dream one up on my own. They will nick 1 from my Bank Account to test my Debit card etc then refund it.

    Have any of you managed to fathom out how the code is created? As usual with these sites it will probably take weeks to answer my message to them.

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    Hmmm - been a long time since I did this but I think the code is part of the transaction details you will see on your card. It's their way of verifying you actually own the card as you will be the only one who will truly see the transaction.
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      Paypal make a small deposit (no, not that sort of deposit) into the nominated bank or credit card account and use a 4 digit reference number. You then need to quote this 4 digit number back to them with some reply correspondence. Think of it as 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) method to prove that you actually are in control of the bank account you have provided for your PayPal transactions.

      It's a pain in the ass but it makes me sleep a little better knowing they have my details correct and if something goes wrong then they can't come back and deny a claim because I haven't proved my account details to be accurate.


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        This is a security feature from PayPal I think.