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Extreme Switch Configure with VLANS and DHCP

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  • Extreme Switch Configure with VLANS and DHCP

    I have a question about Vlans and my new extreme x440 switches. I have asked the vendor for info but, only get a Vlan 101 answer and read the manual comment (which I have went over the Vlan section without finding my answer) . So here I am asking for help after hours of reading and looking up info.

    I have a complex that I am connecting buildings with fiber cable and want different vlans for different departments which will need to share the same internet connection but, CAN'T talk to each others PCs, because of red tape and liability. We have Watchguard firewalls at all locations because they are using 3 internet connections and due to cost and baby sitting the connections, we are going to use our main Fiber internet connection to our ISP rather than cable modems. We have our own Fiber between buildings so we are covered for connectivity. So my question is how do I setup Switches to allow me to do the setup like below.

    1. Building A I have 3 switches located in different closets all extreme x440 1 48port 2 24 port Lets say its VLAN 10 IP is range is 10.10.0.x /24 DHCP enabled on server 2012R2 **Fiber Internet is located here** watch guard x515

    2. Building B I have 1 extreme x440 24 port VLAN 20 ip range is 10.20.0.x /24 Dhcp server 2008r2 located at building B

    3. Building C I have 3 located in different closets x440 8 port Vlan 30 ip range is 10.30.0.x /24 DHCP will be the watchguard at Building A.

    All buildings will be sharing a VOIP PBX phone system on VLAN 40 and it will have its own DHCP server, ip range is 10.40.0.x /24 or /23 the phones will be tagged VLAN 40 in their OS in our tech lab before delivery. IPs will be assigned in the PBX for 911 call location so thats why we are sitting static IPs. It would be nice to have each building do DHCP when the voip phone is plugged in, to pull a set range like - 150 are for building A and - 175 building B and - 235 for building C

    How do I setup the switches to work in this configuration so that when a client plugs in a device, printer, phone or Etc.. they will pull an ip from their Building location and can get out to the internet without having to tag VLAN in the network properties of the device which would be a total nightmare because of brought in home devices and cell phones.

    It would be nice for an employee that needs to work from the other buildings to be able to transfer their device with a static IP set to lets say working at Building B and can work and use their network shares on Building A but this is not a big deal breaker just a like to have.

    If you could give me a simple layout as I am learning on these new switches. Screen shots would be great but, any info would be nice. I have never setup Vlans and Dhcp on this kind of scale. All devices will be connected on the last ports like 48 24 and 8 some copper some fiber.